Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Islamic University opens in Minneapolis

I find this awesome and fascinating. The first traditional Islamic University has opened in Minneapolis - traditional meaning how Islam is taught but not conservative traditional in that women make up 35% of the student body.

I found the news in an article in the Twin Cities Daily Planet, an online compilation of mainstream and alternative media related to, appropriately enough, the Twin Cities.

Apparently, the Twin Cities are twelfth in the nation in terms of the size of the Muslim population. The university is set up to both teach Muslim students multiple subjects but with an academic Islamic approach and to provide community education on Islam to the non-Islamic world.

I love that this is here and I will visit it when I'm home. One of the professors interviewed described the focus of the university as "radical-averse", meaning they are academic and humanistic-political rather than fundamentalists.

Very seriously, I send out all kinds of light and good energy that no assholes decide to firebomb the university out of some warped idea of patriotism.

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Kristin said...

I tell you that no one is going to do that. Those behaviors are saved for peoples in The South.